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Digital Trends Live: PlayStation 5 launch date, RIP iTunes, and robot racing

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Hanif Jackson dig into the top trending stories in tech, including the PlayStation 5’s 2020 launch, the official death of iTunes, an A.I. robot racing league, NASA’s electric X-57 aircraft, and more.

We then speak with Barnaby Perks, founding CEO of Oxford VR, who discusses the use of VR in medicine and psychology.

Turning to automotive news, we take a look at automatic e-brake testing failures, the future of LIDAR, and how Tesla’s Summon is stirring up controversy.

Michele Romanow, co-founder of Clearbanc, sits down with DT Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kaplan to discuss the pitfalls and building blocks of entrepreneurial success.

Then we are joined by Casey Gauss, CEO of Viral Launch, who talks about the success stories of pushing over $10 billion in e-commerce sales.

We then go inside the mind of a fast food influencer with Bill Oakley, fast food critic and past showrunner of The Simpsons, who discusses his 60-second Instagram review videos.

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