MacBook ship times slip back a day; new models on the way?

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Looking to buy a new MacBook from Apple’s website? Then you may have to wait “one business day” for the model you choose to ship. That’s unusual; after the initial delays associated with every new Apple product, MacBooks are normally available to ship immediately.

Such a minor setback normally wouldn’t be cause for a fuss, but the timing of this delay could be significant. Apple’s next media event is set for Monday, and the company’s products sometimes go on delay before a major announcement because old stock is growing tight. Last-generation systems aren’t of much use once a new model lineup goes live.

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Significantly, only the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina are delayed. That’s important because they are the only models currently eligible for a refresh. Intel has only released dual-core versions of fifth-generation Core chips, so there’s no new hardware to replace the quad-core in the 15-inch model. If the delays aren’t indicative of an upcoming refresh, then this is an incredible coincidence.

The delay has only appeared in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and it only appears on the Apple online store. You can still pick up a MacBook Air or 13-inch Pro with Retina at the company’s many retail stores, and customers in Europe and Asia can still expect immediate shipping for online orders.