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Meta says metaverse may take 5-10 years to fully come to life

Meta (formerly Facebook) shared several previews of games that are slated for release throughout the year at its Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 virtual event. But when it comes to new VR hardware, it was conspicuously quiet.

Meta did, however, hint at its plans for the metaverse, and how it sees future hardware playing a role in its ongoing development.

Ruth Bram at Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

“We think the metaverse will build on this foundation to become the next generation of the internet and the next evolution in social technology,” said Ruth Bram, Meta executive producer. “Both the hardware and software need more work, and it may take five to 10 years to fully bring it to life.”

Bram went on to emphasize that the metaverse has been pioneered by gaming in how it has allowed developers to build in 3D and people to connect in new ways. But according to the quote above, it might take longer for the larger concept of the metaverse to be fully realized.

Much of the talk surrounding the metaverse has been hard to define overall. It is clear that Meta wants to be at the forefront, but it’s far from the only company involved in its development.

For other brands, the metaverse might suggest a more seamless integration of virtual reality in spaces outside of gaming, at least in the more immediate present.

Last year, Microsoft announced its plans to integrate virtual environments and avatars in Teams using its mixed-reality platform, Mesh. Since then, well-known Microsoft informants have pieced together leaked descriptions of sessions for the upcoming Microsoft Build 2022 developers conference, at least one of which will discuss development in the metaverse.

One session, called “Microsoft Build Into Focus: Metaverse,” will feature Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft Teams general manager, as one of its hosts. Sources suggest the host lineup might point toward details on development of how the metaverse will work further with Microsoft Teams.

Meta Cambria (SeaCliff) will release later this year

Got confirmation from the supply chain and sourced who’ve tried the device that this is exactly what the final PVT model looks like

— Brad Lynch (@SadlyItsBradley) April 13, 2022

Prior to the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, rumors suggested that Meta could announce a new virtual reality headset at the virtual event. The headset, code-named Project Cambria, is also being referred to as Oculus Quest Pro and has been both teased by Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and leaked by reliable analysts.

With Meta’s showcase now complete, it might be more clear that the still upcoming headset remains more on the gaming side of things and less connected to the hardware side.

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