Microsoft reportedly planning ‘significant’ Windows 10 event for soon after CES

microsoft reportedly planning significant windows 10 event just ces
Microsoft is reported to be weeks away from showing off the consumer features of the latest iteration of its operating system.

We saw a very early version of Windows 10 demonstrated at the end of September, but its next event, apparently taking place toward the end of January, will provide the company with an opportunity to show off a much more developed version.

Unnamed sources with knowledge of Microsoft’s “significant” event told The Verge that while the computer giant will be in attendance at CES from January 6 through 9, it’s chosen to give its Windows 10 presentation at a separate gathering away from the high-profile trade show where a myriad of products will be fighting for press attention.

The event will reportedly focus on the operating system’s “large number” of consumer features, and include plans for Windows phones and tablets, and “possibly” news on an Xbox One dashboard update.

It’s thought the computer company will announce details of the January event before the end of the year.

Microsoft has gone for a one-size-fits-all approach with Windows 10, touting it with the tagline, “One product family, one platform, one store.”

No official launch date for the new OS has been formally announced, though it’s widely expected to land by late 2015.

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