Microsoft shows us its roadmap for OneDrive at Ignite 2015

At Ignite 2015, Microsoft has been making a splash with previews of its up-and-coming software and operating system. It did it again on May 6 when it exhibited a roadmap with the remainder of its plans for OneDrive. These plans notably included offline support for iOS and Android.

The roadmap itself wraps up around Q4 of this year, but Microsoft has additional plans that do not have an official deadline. Some of these objectives include integrating the expiration of external shares, mobile PDF annotation support and offline mobile folders.

By the end of Q2 2015, Microsoft wants users to be able to save to OneDrive for Business from Outlook, enable the expiration of anonymous shares, send links from Outlook mobile on Android and iOS and revamp the mobile PDF experience for iOS and Android.

In Q3 2015, Microsoft is aiming to provide a next-gen sync client for PC and Mac and a unified Web UX. It also wants to give Android and iOS mobile device users access to mobile offline files. Finally, Microsoft is shooting for company sharable links and more options for shared controls by the end of the quarter.

By the time the roadmap wraps up in Q4 2015, Microsoft hopes to have its next-gen sync client in play and a Windows 10 universal app launched for its users. This app will notably support read-only offline files, giving people critical access on the go. It also encompasses the theme of the roadmap as a whole, which appears to be offline productivity.

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service, is designed to allow users to seamlessly sync all of their files and photos across their devices. Windows 10, the company’s latest operating system, is slated to debut later this year. The company has been revealing an abundance of new features products at Ignite 2015, including Office 2016 and revamped encryption.