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Consider an extended warranty plan if you buy a Surface Pro 6

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

If you’re looking at picking up Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 6 this year, you may want to also consider adding an extended warranty or accidental damage coverage in case something goes wrong. Repair site iFixit gave the Surface Pro 6 a repairability score of just 1 out of 10, meaning that it would be difficult for most home users to repair on their own.

Like many of the Surface Pro 6’s predecessors, this year’s tablet earned a low repairability score because of Microsoft’s excessive use of glue to secure the tablet and its component in place, making it difficult to remove the display assembly and battery.

“All repairs require first removing the display assembly — which is stubbornly glued in place, expensive, and prone to shattering,” iFixit noted in its report. “Complex construction makes all disassembly and reassembly tedious in comparison to other tablets.”

Microsoft offers a standard limited-warranty policy on its hardware in the United States, which includes a one-year warranty for defects and malfunctions along with 90 days of technical support for preinstalled software. In addition to the standard warranty, cautious Surface Pro 6 owners can also purchase optional extended warranties. Microsoft sells its own protection plan, called Microsoft Complete, that extends the coverage to two years for $149. Microsoft Complete also adds coverage for accidental damage, including liquid damage and cracked screens, though a deductible would apply if the damage is deemed to be caused by the user and not due to manufacturing defects.

If you bought your Surface Pro 6 without a warranty package, Microsoft advises that you have up to 45 days from the date of purchase to add a protection plan. Customers can either visit the Microsoft online or retail store. Because of the difficulty in disassembling and repairing Surface products, customers have reported in the past that Microsoft would exchange a defective product for a refurbished or new item through its warranty program.

Some retailers may also offer their own extended warranty protection. Best Buy, for example, offers its Geek Squad protection plans. Like Microsoft Complete, Geek Squad protection plans also include accidental damage coverage. Best Buy’s service range from $120 for a one-year plan to $260 to extend the coverage to three years.

Aside from repairability issue, consumers should also be mindful of the storage configuration when purchasing their Surface Pro 6. Unlike older Surface Pro models, iFixit noted that the storage module on the Surface Pro 6 is not removable, so you won’t be able to upgrade the solid-state drive to a larger capacity drive if your needs change down the road — even if you’re able to disassemble and reassemble the tablet on your own.

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