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Latest Surface Pro 3 update adds full Pro Type Cover support for older models

microsoft surface pro type cover support 1
Microsoft’s latest firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 is focused entirely on bringing various systems in line with the Surface Pro Type Cover and Surface Pro Signature Type Covers. It doesn’t add anything revolutionary, but this update does improve compatibility and has no effect on battery life or security.

Although able to operate as a tablet thanks to its 2-in-1 form factor, the Surface Pro line is designed to work well as a laptop, too. You’ll need a keyboard for that, though, and for some users, the new Type Covers for the Surface Pro are a worthy upgrade over their existing keyboard solution, as they can now run the new Type Covers with older Surface Pro 3 2-in-1.

This firmware update addresses several key drivers within the Surface Pro 3 that will enable the use of the new Type Covers. It updates the Surface Smart Cover Backlight, adding support for the Surface Pro Type Cover and Signature Type Cover. The Surface PTP filter and fingerprint sensor driver have also been updated to add support for both keyboard options.

The final two updates in this firmware patch the HID and keyboards functionality to add the Surface Pro Type cover and Surface Type Cover Filter to work correctly with Surface Pro 3 devices.

Although Microsoft’s update breakdown does claim that you need to be running the Windows 10 Anniversary update to download this firmware upgrade, Neowin reports that it should work for those running the Windows 10 Creators Update as well.

Regardless of which of those versions of Windows you’re running, if you haven’t updated your Surface Pro 3 drivers in a while, it would be a good time to do so. The previous firmware update went out in June and updated the UEFI for improved preboot IPV6 performance and increased battery efficiency during sleep mode.

While Microsoft isn’t adding anything groundbreaking to its older Surface products, it’s good to see it keeping updates coming regularly and with added features to maintain the relevance of older hardware. While Microsoft’s newer Surface models like the Surface Pro 4 might be far better, older devices in that range are still viable buys.

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