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MozyPro Comes to the Mac

MozyPro Comes to the Mac

EMC subsidiary Mozy has announced a beta version of it’s busines oriented MozyPro online backup solution…for Macs. Although Mozy has been available for Macs for a while, MozyPro extends the online backup solution to Mac-running businesses, and offers automatic, secure backup of documents, media, and other critical data at a remote location via broadband Internet, helping make sure businesses (and individual users!) can get their data back in the event of drive failure, theft, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event.

“Starting today, businesses with Macs can back up online with Mozy. MozyPro makes it easy for businesses using OS X as well as Windows to manage backups of all their computers from a single place,” said Mozy COO Vance Checketts, in a statement.

Mozy released MozyHome for Mac users back in May of 2008; the service has generally received positive reviews, particularly in the wake of the stumbling launch of Apple’s MobileMe cloud-based suite of services.

MozyPro offers businesses network drive support, can successfully back up applications like iCal Server, Mail Services and Directory on Mac OS X Server, along with Exchange, SQL Server, and Active Directory data on Windows-based servers.

MozyPro costs $3.95 per license for desktops and notebook computers, plus $0.50 per gigabyte backed up per month. MozyPro for Servers is priced at $6.95 per license, plus the same $0.50 per month per gigabyte.

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