MSI fixes Skylake’s bending issue with new CPU socket brace

msi fixes skylakes bending issue new cpu socket brace cpuguard01

Although we expect each new generation of hardware to be faster, more energy efficient and if possible, cheaper, there are sometimes features missing that we previously took for granted. In the case of the new Skylake CPUs from Intel, it’s structural integrity, as there’s been some reports of issues with the chips bending when put under too much load by hefty CPU coolers. MSI claims to have fixed that problem though using its new CPU Guard.

The CPU Guard isn’t necessary, as just about every CPU manufacturer has said that their coolers don’t present a threat to any Skylake CPUs. But MSI’s CPU guard should help ease the minds of those who worry. It might also be a good choice for users who frequently move their PC, as shipping supposedly make damage more likely to occur.

According to TomsHardware, MSI was already working on the CPU Guard before the problem with the Skylake CPUs cropped up. The idea was, as it still is, to use it on CPUs that have have been “delidded,” which involves removing the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) in order to give better contact between the cooler and the CPU core.

It’s not a common practice even among enthusiasts, but depending on the model of CPU you are using, it can deliver decent cooling benefits. It is very dangerous, though, as it presents a real threat to the integrity of your CPU if you don’t know what you’re doing.

MSI is capitalizing on the fears of enthusiasts, however, and now plugging the guard as a method to assuage concerns of coolers damaging Skylake CPUS. That won’t happen with the CPU Guard 1151, which can brace a processor even if the IHS hasn’t been removed.

No pricing or availability details have been given for the socket brace as of yet.