MyIDkey fingerprint-locked Bluetooth flash drive stores your mobile and PC passwords


Twenty years ago, you only needed to remember was two or three passwords, tops (likely for your AOL and Hotmail accounts – and chances are you used the same password for both). Ah, those were the days when the World Wide Web was a wild frontier of unsecured websites. These days, however, you probably have dozens of complicated passwords to keep track of – or at least we hope so if you want to protect your online security. There are many password managers out there, such as LastPass and 1Password, that can help keep you safe, but the myIDkey Bluetooth flash drive adds an extra layer of security on top of what those managers can offer. 

Created by a company called Arkami, myIDkey was designed to store all your passwords and can only be unlocked by your fingerprint. You can even come up with a series of taps or finger swipes to make the device even more secure. You can plug the device into a computer via USB, or you can connect it to a laptop or a mobile device via Bluetooth – it’s a veritable all-around password depot. When you want to access a particular password, let’s say your bank account password, simply hold the microphone button and speak into the device. It will automatically dig for the info you requested. 

Arkami has been showing off the flash drive for a while, but it’s only now that the company has posted it on Kickstarter in an effort to fund its production. The company has raised roughly $57,000 of its $150,000 goal as of this writing. If you want to support the project, know that you’d have to pledge at least $79 to get one myIDkey drive. 

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