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Lenovo rolls out massive update to mainstream laptop, convertible and AIO lines

With the new Windows and Skylake chips rolling out already, Lenovo has been hard at work preparing for the holiday season, and there’s no shortage of options to bring your family into 2015’s latest in computing technology.

ideapad Miix 700

First off the line for Lenovo is the ideapad Miix 700, a 12-inch tablet that’s built right into a folio with connected keyboard. Its two watchband hinges, similar to the old Yoga 3 Pro, are an interesting twist on what’s quickly becoming a more popular tablet/laptop hybrid form factor. For performance, the Miix 700 boasts your choice of CPU, up to the Sixth Generation Intel Core m7. TheMiix 700 will be available in November starting at $699.

New ideapad laptops

Lenovo hasn’t forgotten about the traditional laptop form factor, and a slew of new ideapads will define the holiday season for consumers. The ideapad 300 and 500 are the main attraction, and both offer 14 or 15-inch displays as an option. Although the customization options differ a bit between the two laptops, the upper end includes the Sixth Generation Intel Core i7 CPUs, and Nvidia GeForce 920 as a dedicated graphics option. The ideapad 300 and 500 will be available in October starting at $399 for the 14-inch, and $499 for the 15-inch.

Still want to shave a few pounds off for the winter? Lenovo also has the new ideapad 100S, 300S, and 500S. These lighter weight, thinner versions of the ideapad 300 and 500 still pack some of the same performance features of the main line, and start at a surprisingly budget-friendly price of $189, $249, and $499 for the 100S, 300S, and 500S respectively when they launch in October.

Chromebook 100S and ideacentre 700

If it’s mobility and utility that are most important to you, Lenovo also has a cheaper, no-frills Chromebook 100S with an Intel Bay Trail-M processor and 11.6-inch HD display. It weighs a mere 2.6 pounds, but is built with a durable construction so you can always take it with you without having to worry about breaking anything. At just $179, it looks like a decent deal.

Some users’ computing needs are a bit more stationary, and for them Lenovo has the new ideacentre 700, an all-in-one that pairs the newest in performance options with a high quality display. The 27-inch UHD display is equipped with 10-point multitouch, and powered by a Sixth Generation Intel Core i7 CPU. Unlike a lot of all-in-ones, the ideacentre 700’s back panel is removable, so you can upgrade parts or add storage and RAM if you need it. The 24 inch AIO 700 will start at $1099, while the 27-inch version with start at $1899. Both will launch in October.

Even better, if you decide the MIIX 700, Ideacentre AIO 700, or ideapad 500 laptop are for you, the Intel RealSense camera is available as a feature. This new camera uses two sensors to judge depth, and can be used for Windows Hello.

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