Intel will ship K series Skylake CPUs later this year without stock coolers

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If you’re waiting on the new Intel Skylake processors to hit the market so you can jam one into your PC, you should be prepared to also buy a cooler for your chip, because it might not come with one. The unlocked K series chips won’t ship with a stock cooler as they used to, according to MaximumPC.

Intel processors are available in a number of different variations, ranging from low power and mobile chips, up to the unlocked K-series desktop processors. Destined for enthusiast and gaming rigs, these chips come out of the box ready to be overclocked by anyone who feels like tinkering in their BIOS.

The two chips that this specifically pertains to are the Intel Core i7-6600K and 6700K, which are both expected to hit shelves in the third quarter of 2015. The price hasn’t been confirmed for either processor, but we do know they sit near the higher end of the initial Skylake offerings.

You’ll still be able to buy a cooling options directly from Intel, but you’ll have to select and purchase them individually. It’s not a huge deal, since the whole draw of the K series chips is their overclocking potential, and a stock cooler isn’t going to cut it as you raise the clock speed. Liquid and aftermarket cooling options are generally the preferred choice of system builders to improve airflow through the system, as well as keep noise down.

The cost cutting measure from Intel is a smart one, since a lot of those stock coolers probably end up in the recycling anyway. They can also cut back on packaging while still offering cooling options for those who need it. The response to the first wave of Skylake releases will likely determine whether Intel puts the cooler back in the box for future revisions.

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