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LG dishes out holiday cheer with a 27-inch FreeSync display for AMD gamers

LG is now serving up a new desktop display for PC gamers looking for a FreeSync-based solution to complement its AMD Radeon-branded graphics chip. It packs a 27-inch viewing area based on twisted nematic technology, which provides high brightness levels and fast response times. Moreover, the panel is limited to a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, but sports a meaty maximum refresh rate of 240Hz for super-fluid visuals.

Here are the specifications:

Model: 27GK750F-B
Screen size: 27 inches
Screen technology: Twisted Nematic
Screen resolution: 1,920 @ 1,080
Refresh rate: 240Hz via DisplayPort @ Full HD
Sync technology: FreeSync
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Pixel pitch: 0.31125mm x 0.31125mm
Maximum brightness: 400 nits
Contrast ratio: Unknown
Response time: 2ms gray to gray
1ms with Motion Blur Reduction
Color gamut: NTSC 72 percent
Supported colors: 16.7 million
Ports: 2x HDMI 2.0
1x DisplayPort 1.2
2x USB-A 3.1 Gen1 (to devices)
1x USB-B 3.1 Gen 1 (to PC)
1x Headphone jack
Viewing angles: 170 / 160 degrees
Dimensions with stand: 24.6 x 18.35 x 10.72 inches
Weight with stand: 13.99 pounds
Tilt angles: -5 to 15 degrees
Swivel angle: -20 to 20 degrees
Added height adjustment: Up to 4.33 inches
Pivot: 0 to 90 degrees clockwise
Price: $549

As the specifications show, the panel supports an overclocked 240Hz refresh rate when using a DisplayPort connection. That means the desktop panel updates the screen up to 240 times per second, providing extremely fluid motion. Backing this refresh rate is AMD’s FreeSync technology, which synchronizes the panel’s rate with the frame output of an AMD Radeon-branded graphics card or discrete GPU. Turned off, unsynchronized rates will produce ugly image tearing on the screen.

The desktop panel also includes LG’s 1ms Motion Blur Reduction technology. Toggled on, you will see a reduction of blurring and ghosting that is typically caused when pixels are slow at changing color states. Specifications usually state “gray to gray,” meaning the pixel can change from gray to a color and back to gray again in a specific amount of time. The lower the number, the better the panel can render movement without “artifacts,” such as blurring and ghosting.

In addition to the hardware, LG’s new desktop monitor provides built-in software features too. The on-screen control menu is where you set the refresh rate, toggle on FreeSync, and cycle through pre-set configurations for first-person shooters, real-time strategy titles, general gaming, reading, and more.

Also included is a Black Stabilizer to lighten dark areas where enemies remain hidden, built-in crosshairs, and Dynamic Action Synch that promises crisp, quick on-screen action. Of course, you can always manually make adjustments to meet your needs, such as changing crosshair shapes, lowering or raising the brightness level, changing the aspect ratio, and so on.

LG’s new gaming display ships with an ergonomic stand and detachable base. So far, we couldn’t find the panel listed on Newegg, Amazon, and a few other retailers, so keep checking back if you’re on the market for a FreeSync monitor.  The company is expected to reveal a new portfolio of monitors in a few weeks at CES 2018, so you may want to keep tabs on that event as well.

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