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New video emerges of Steve Jobs being candid with Apple staff

New Steve Jobs Tapes Reveal Apple Founder's Softer Side
Since the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011, much has been said about his personality, work ethic, ideas, and creativity, with a number of books, movies, and TV shows exploring his personality and relationships with his colleagues. Few have been well received by critics or his friends and family, so perhaps recently found footage of the man being candid with his staff will find more general acceptance.

In the short clips chopped up and filled with graphics and cut aways by ABCNews, Jobs is seen talking to employees on the eve of the launch of the original iPhone, discussing how proud he is of the work everyone has done. He also suggests that they too will feel proud once they see the response that the hardware is going to get.

Indeed he was right. The iPhone change the smartphone landscape and before long it made having a high tech mobile phone something that everyone wanted.

Jobs even goes so far as to answer a question from one of those in attendance about his famously ripped jeans. His response was that they were just old. There was no real story.

This more relaxed, candid Steve Jobs is the image of him that many of his friends retain. Jonathan Ive, Apple CDO, said in a recent chat that it was good to see these sorts of opinions of the man come out, once all of the hyperbole had been stripped away:

“Quite honestly, what’s remained, I never would have predicted four years ago,” he said (via AppleInsider). “What’s remained is almost unremarkable, but what’s remained is his very simple focus on trying to make something beautiful and great. And it really was simple. There wasn’t a grand plan of winning, or a very complicated agenda. That simplicity seemed almost childlike in its purity. And it’s true.”

As much as this footage appears to show Jobs in a much more relaxed state than he’s been known for though, it should be remembered that he was above all else, a great hype man. He was a perfect blend of entertainer and technician, allowing him to sell products like no other. He was excellent when on stage and though this setting is much more intimate, he is still on stage.

What do you think of the clips shown in this video? Do you see them as genuine, or is this another strong performance by someone who had grown accustomed to and become very good at wowing crowds from a podium?

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