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New Apple iOS 15 features emerge in Tips app in advance of iPhone 13 launch

One week ahead of Apple’s “California Streaming” event, Apple iPhone users are getting a peek at what the future holds for iOS 15. The Tips app began pushing notifications officially announcing upcoming iOS 15 features that are likely to roll out alongside the iPhone 13, which is widely expected to be unveiled at the September 14 event.

The full preview of iOS 15 is displayed in the Collections section of the Tips app, alongside the preview for iOS 14 and other iPhone guides. We’ve already done a deep dive into key iOS 15 beta features, but Apple has revealed some new information.

Here’s what’s in store:

Voice isolation

Call quality will be improved thanks to a new voice isolation setting that can reduce background noise. Additionally, iPhone users will be able to easily add anyone to a FaceTime call.

Shared With You

This new section in apps will highlight content that has been sent to you in the Messages app.

Focus mode

A new focus mode will be added to the Control Center. Focus Mode has customizable focus settings, so you can customize which notifications will be silenced while you’re working, sleeping, or exercising.

Notification summary

A personalized notification summary will group notifications and deliver them all together at an appropriate time, using information like the user’s interactions with apps to analyze when they should be delivered.

Augmented Reality walking directions

In some cities, users will be able to use their iPhones to get walking directions. The phone’s camera will scan your surroundings, deliver the information to Maps to pinpoint your location, and then deliver walking directions back to the camera app.

Safari tab groups

Part of Safari’s redesign will include ab groups. These customizable groups will allow you to bundle tabs together by type, so you can use the browser without having to keep scrolling past all the recipes and news articles you’ll need later.

Other features

There are many more interesting and helpful little features, like the ability to select text in photos or translate text in PDFs and apps. Both of those features support several languages. This is in addition to other changes that have already been announced, like the ability to store ID cards in the Wallet app and access immunization records in the Health app.

When’s it coming?

The new operating system will likely be preinstalled on the Apple iPhone 13 at launch and iOS 15 will be compatible with the iPhone 6s and newer devices. Historically, Apple has launched new operating systems in the week following its fall events. Apple’s iOS 14 was launched the day after the September 2020 event, however. With this year’s Apple event, “California Streaming,” scheduled for September 14, iPhone users could have a robust new operating system as soon as Wednesday, September 15.

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