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Newegg sent steel weights instead of an RTX 4090, customer claims

Nvidia’s Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 is the latest GPU darling and has been shown to punch above its weight. However, for one Newegg customer, weights are precisely what they received in their recent order.

It must be exciting to receive the latest and greatest Nvidia GPU, but as Redditor u/NuclearInnardsBeep found out, such joy can be fleeting.

Newegg customer received weights instead of RTX 4090
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According to the Reddit user, they recently purchased a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 from Newegg, but when they opened the package, they found metal weights in place of the $1,600 accessory. The user also added that their account was seemingly locked out after reaching out to Newegg customer support for help.

Newegg isn’t new to this kind of controversy. A few months ago, it publicly acknowledged that such incidences exist and made promises to “remain committed to providing the best customer experience.”

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Why Newegg locked out u/NuclearInnardsBeep’s account and stopped responding to their messages is unknown, but at first glance, Newegg’s after-sales department might need to revisit their company’s promise regardless of who is at fault.

There are still a few mysteries to this story. The Redditor’s post is sparse, with only his plight listed in the subject line. It would be also good to review the customer service message log that led up to the locked account. Then there’s the question of who placed the metal plates in the box? It follows in the footsteps of many other GPU bait-and-switches where customers had their items swapped out with lesser graphics cards or similarly weighted items, such as sand or packs of screws.

Until further investigations are conducted and finalized, we can’t be 100% sure who is scamming who here. Perhaps there’s more than meets the eye to this weighty issue.

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