Nvidia expands GeForce Experience with 4K support

nvidia geoforce experience high resolution frame rates geforce gameroom

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience is designed to offer owners of that brand’s graphics cards a little more for their money. It has streaming, driver updates, game optimizing, and the ability to share content with others online, all in one place; and now it’s been updated. This brings with it a lot of improvements across the board, but the most striking of which is that it now supports the streaming of 4K content as high as 60 frames per second.

You will, of course, need a compatible display to be able to make use of it, as well as a full 100 megabits of spare network bandwidth, but the functionality is there. It even sends the signal out with 5.1 surround sound, so if you have an immersive set up in another room, but your power-house PC somewhere else, it’s not possible to have the best of both worlds.

Other updates focus more on improving the more remote-streaming experience. Those who want to stream straight to Twitch or YouTube can now do so at a full 1080P resolution and 60 frames per second — which should make it just as popular as some of the other avenues of sending gameplay and webcam footage straight to your broadcast account.

As well as general improvements though, Nvidia also took this update opportunity to announce continued support for game-ready drivers. Over the past two years since the launch of the GeForce Experience, Nvidia has made a concerted effort to release new drivers as games are launched, making sure that those playing the latest games can do so as close to full specifications as their hardware will allow.

No driver hiccups with new titles makes gamers very happy. It specifically highlights some of this year’s biggest games, including GTA V and The Witcher 3, which received their own driver updates to make performance as strong as possible.

That looks set to continue in 2016, and beginning in December, Nvidia will make it possible to download these drivers straight from the GeForce Experience, which will give exclusive early access to them over general users.