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Leaked retailer image could be our first look at the Nvidia GTX 1060

testing gtx 1060 betters rx 480 vr gtx1060
While the Nvidia GTX 1080 and 1070 are exciting, powerful cards, there are few people out there who have the kind of money to spend on that sort of hardware. In reality, Nvidia fans will need to wait for something like the GTX 1060, which we may have our first look at thanks to a snapshot uploaded to Reddit.

With the AMD RX 480 coming in at such an impressive price point, with decent power for most gamers, Nvidia will need to work hard to be competitive at the mid-range this generation, so the GTX 1060 is an important card despite likely being far less powerful than its bigger brothers.

From the image which surfaced on Reddit earlier today, the card looks very similar to the GTX 1080 and 1070 Founders Edition cards, with the same silver and black shroud and the name of the card emblazoned at the bracket end.

Although we don’t have a great shot of it, the connectors look to include a DVI-D port, with the layout looking much the same as the other Pascal cards. TechPowerUp notes that the card itself appears to be shorter than the cooler, much like the RX 480, and some previous Nvidia mid-range entries.

We don’t exactly know where this card or picture of it came from. You could suggest that because of the Capital Compute Center bag under it, that that’s where it originated. Although that is possible, the company hasn’t said much. Its only response is a Facebook post — of a laughing emoji.

Considering the RX 480 from AMD debuts on June 29 at a competitive price point, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nvidia announced the GTX 1060 soon. Here’s hoping its production is ramped up for the more mid-range card, so that it can adequately compete. If stock issues persist for the new Pascal cards, Nvidia could have a tough fight on its hands over the next few months.

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