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Nvidia’s Super reveal might derail AMD’s RX 5000 debut at E3

Nvidia was curiously absent at this year’s Computex, failing to reveal anything more about its “Super” tease from earlier in May. That may mean that we’ll see what could be a new series of Nvidia RTX cards revealed at the E3 show in early June instead, potentially derailing the hype for AMD’s next-generation Navi RX 5000 GPUs.

AMD was the big talk of Computex this year with major announcements for new generations of CPUs and graphics cards which look set to shake up their respective industries. Nvidia has a history of trying to trump its distant competition with major launches, however, having previously released the GTX 1070 Ti shortly after AMD’s original Vega launch in 2017. Now Nvidia could do so again at E3 where we expect to learn more about AMD’s RX 5000 cards with the reveal of its new “Super” technology.

Although Nvidia hasn’t suggested beyond a short teaser video about what the Super tech might be, rumors of a new generation of refreshed RTX graphics cards have been building for a few months. Tweaktown’s sources claim that there will be new, Super versions of RTX 2060, 2070, and 2080 models. They’ll feature faster RAM, we’re told, and increased core clock speeds to raise performance by a small margin across the board.

Considering AMD’s upcoming RX 5000 cards are expected to offer a slight increase in performance over their Nvidia counterparts, this sounds like a move by the green team to stay competitive at a comparable price. If its new GPUs were in the same ballpark for price and performance as AMD’s new Navi cards, or even better in some cases, that could take the shine of AMD’s announcement.

Other speculation and rumors about the super cards from TechRadar suggests that these new cards could replace existing RTX cards, though the “Super” branding seems like an odd choice in that case. It could be that the Super cards will take over existing RTX pricing, while the first series of Nvidia’s Turing GPUs then see a price cut to undercut AMD’s new offerings while gradually being phased out.

Whatever the plan is, though, it’s set to hit its next phase at the upcoming E3 show, so we don’t have long to wait to find out.

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