OCZ’s newest solid state drives can read nearly three gigabytes per second

oczs newest solid state drives can read nearly three gigabytes per second ocz6000 product

OCZ is rolling out a new line of solid state drives with the business world in mind. The OCZ 6000 Series takes advantage of the latest and greatest in interface specifications, boasting 16-channel NAND, third generation PCIe x4, and NVMe support. They also have higher than average read and write speeds, topping out at 2900 MB/s sequential read, and 1900 MB/s sequential write.

On top of all that, the OCZ 6000 Series drives come with a number of relevant efficiency and convenience features. They are built with temperature sensors and automatic thermal throttling, plus user-selectable power envelopes, so you won’t have any trouble playing it cool. Because of their 2.5″ form factor, the drives are hot-swappable.

Included in the release are two families of drives, both in the 2.5″ form factor. The base 6000 Series is designed for read-intensive applications, like video streaming or storing data records. It’s only built to endure one drive write per day over the course of five years, though that’s probably more than enough for most users.

The 6300 Series is designed for mixed use, like web servers, cloud computing, or data processing. It’s built for up to three drive writes per day over the course of five years, but boasts a slightly lower IOPS and sequential write bandwidth than the 6000.

Both the 6000 and 6300 Series drives will be available in one, two, and four terabyte physical capacities, but are all loaded with the IDEMA Advanced Formatting, so their usable capacities are 800, 1600, and 3200GB respectively.


OCZ also mentions a 6.4TB capacity version of the 6300 model, but clarifies that it will be available in a future release. There’s also specifications for a half height, half length form factor release of the 6300 Series, but the company hasn’t mentioned when it will be available.