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Microsoft updates Paint 3D with new and enhanced creation tools

paint 3d
Earlier this year, Microsoft revamped one of the most recognizable pieces of Windows software around when it launched Paint 3D as part of the Creators Update for Windows 10. Now, the company has detailed some new features that have been added to the app via a new update.

As its name suggests, Paint 3D attempts to merge the ease of use associated with previous versions of Microsoft Paint with brand-new functionality that allows users to create 3D imagery. It’s fair to say that the software is more of a tech demo than a professional-grade creative suite, but it’s still an interesting app to doodle with.

The latest update makes some improvements to the way that the Magic Select feature operates, according to a post published to the Windows blog. This particular tool is intended to make it easy for users to single out one particular element from a picture, which can be very useful when you’re creating a layered 3D image.

Now, it’s possible to Magic Select content directly into a scene that’s partially composed, which should make this process even more straightforward. Previously, it was necessary to move objects off the canvas before an image was to be inserted in this fashion.

The other big addition in this update is the reintroduction of a tool that can draw straight lines and curves. This has long been a standard feature in previous versions of Paint, and offers a reliable way of producing lines that meet your exact specifications without requiring a perfectly steady hand. These drawing tools can be found among the existing selection of 2D shapes in the app’s Stickers menu.

The latest version of Paint 3D also adds support for GLB, a new open standard for sharing 3D files which is a component of the GL Transmission Format. The standard makes transferring files quicker and more efficient by outputting all assets with only one container, which helps improve compatibility with other programs and keeps file sizes to a minimum.

You can update to the new version of Paint 3D by opening the app — if you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s available via the Windows Store.

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