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Sony exec hints PlayStation VR might not be exclusive to the PlayStation 4

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While the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are considered the “high-end” solutions for virtual reality right now, they are also the most expensive. In comparison, Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR), although not quite as impressive, is set to launch at a more affordable $400 MSRP (about $500 with all required equipment), and that affordability might make its way to the PC, as well.

This isn’t speculation from a fan, but words right from the mouth of Sony Computer Entertainment’s senior VP, Masayasu Ito. He told Nikkei that because the PlayStation 4 is built with a similar architecture to a PC, the “possibility is there,” for the PSVR to be ported to the platform.

While he clarified that this wasn’t something Sony was looking to announce any time soon – it is instead focusing on game development for VR on the PS4 – he did say that there will be “an expansion into various fields,” in the future.

Of course getting the PSVR working with a PC isn’t entirely as simple as it might seem. There’s the camera to consider, and the move motion controls if we want full hand tracking in-game too. Ultimately, this can probably be filed into the category of “it might happen, but don’t bet on it.”

But it’s good to know the potential is there, as a more varied and competitive VR landscape makes for better hardware and experiences for consumers.

No one is quite sure how the early days of the VR industry are going to pan out, with some saying that the Vive will offer the best experience, while others argue that the PSVR’s modest price tag and larger potential install base will make it the most dominant.

Regardless, VR is here to stay, so the more options the better. We’ve looked at a number of ways of getting VR on the cheap in the coming months, but PSVR on a reasonably capable PC might be the best way to get a commercial virtual reality set up going at an affordable price.

The question is, would you buy the PSVR over the other alternatives, as a PC VR solution?

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