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Nothing says Mother's Day quite like … free VR glasses from Pornhub?

PornHub’s latest promotion blends traditional holidays with cutting-edge pornography viewing by offering a set of free VR goggles as part of a Mother’s Day promotion. Similar to the Google Cardboard, “Mommy’s Special Glasses” are a fold-out VR headset for watching 360-degree porn (and other stuff), and they come as part of a greeting card for Mom.

Virtual reality pornography has remained part of the discussion with cutting edge VR entertainment since the first Oculus Rift headset appeared on Kickstarter and it’s growing quickly. There are already a multitude of supporting websites and a growing library of content that can be viewed in VR headsets like the HTC Vive, or on simpler headsets designed with mobile phones in mind.

It’s that latter type that PornHub is offering with its latest promotion. The cards are available through a specialized landing page and are delivered free of charge — though a PornHub account is required — and offer a thankful and heartfelt message in a typical celebratory card design. However where the card differs, is in the inclusion of a pop-out VR glasses kit complete with compatible lenses.

When a phone is placed within the confines of the card and 360-degree video content — whether pornographic or not — is loaded up on the device, users will be able to view it as if it’s happening right in front of them. Just like all of those exciting virtual reality games the kids are talking about.

The promotion is very real and the cards are indeed delivered free of charge. The messages within them though are quite tongue in cheek. They offer sentiments that suggest Mother’s Day 2017 would be the “best night of [their] life,” or that it’s time their heart was warmed, “as well as some other parts.”

The cards come in a variety of colors and types, though they don’t appear to be customizable by the user. Unfortunately for international 360-degree porn fans, PornHub’s offering is only available within the continental United States.

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