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Get an Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi router for $45 right now

Amazon eero mesh router with someone plugging it in.

Even though it’s October, Prime Day deals are in full swing, thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day Big Deal Days event. So now is the perfect time to boost your home’s wireless network and upgrade to an Amazon eero mesh WiFi router for just $45, saving you $25 off the regular price of $70. Able to help provide more reliable Wi-Fi around your home, it takes minutes to set up and is a great option for the majority of homes. It’s also possible to buy an including three units for $127 so you save a little more doing it this way. Whichever works best for you, here’s what else you need to know about one of the best Prime Day smart home deals around today.

Why you should buy the Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

The Amazon eero mesh WiFi router promises to offer up to 1,500 square feet of reliable and fast Wi-Fi for your home — that’s an excellent coverage area. While the Eero Pro 6E features in our look at the best mesh Wi-Fi systems, this one is still worth considering. Whole-home mesh Wi-Fi networks are a great bet if your home keeps suffering from dead spots where the Wi-Fi coverage isn’t reaching. With the Amazon eero mesh WiFi router, it takes minutes to set up. The eero app guides you through the process and also works with Alexa. Knowing how to set up a mesh network really doesn’t have e to be tough. If you don’t know the history, mesh networks were created for the military to provide more reliable and widespread coverage across great areas without creating more issues. Usually, if you expand wireless coverage, even with an extender, it takes away some of the bandwidth and reliability of the entire network. That doesn’t happen with mesh routers which are designed to work in sync.

Some users will be fine with just one Amazon eero mesh WiFi router, but if your needs change, you can easily add eero products to expand the network. At all times, it’s easy to manage Wi-Fi access with network profiles too. Automatic updates mean you won’t have to worry about maintaining the setup either. There’s also support for Apple HomeKit if that’s already a pivotal part of your smart home, with everything playing together nicely. Such a set of features makes this likely to rival the best Wi-Fi routers depending on your needs.

However you plan on using the Amazon eero mesh WiFi router, being able to buy one for just $45 instead of paying the usual $70 at Amazon is sure to make it super tempting. If you’re looking to enhance your network, this is your chance. Buy it now before Prime Day ends.

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