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Razer and Maingear teamed up for the R1, a gaming PC fit for a Ninja Turtle

Good news, Razer fans: You can now get a Razer-branded desktop alongside your Razer laptop.

Maingear and Razer have announced a new partnership on a gaming desktop that can be customized to order and features each company’s branding.

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The new Maingear R1 Razer Edition is like many other desktops that can be purchased from companies that specialize in customization, except it’s a bit more green. It’s housed in a NZXT H440 case with a green Razer logo emblazoned on the front. Buyers can also choose between two different internal LED logos as well, Razer or Maingear. Processor-wise, there are options for Core i5 and Core i7, as well as AMD or Nvidia graphics cards. There are also options for dual and triple SLI setups.

The press photos show custom tubing with green coolant and sleeving. Obviously, these are add-on features that will add an extra $800 to the price tag. So while liquid cooling is possible, it’s impossible to get at the $999 base price.


For those wanting hardline custom tubing, there are some options, albeit far more expensive ones. The two “Superstock” versions, the Z170 and X99, start at $3599 and $4099 respectively. The Z170 starts with a Turbo Quad Core i5 or i7, and an Nvidia GTX 1070. The X99 starts with a Core i7 6800K and also comes with an Nvidia GTX 1070.

In a press release, Wallace Santos, CEO of Maingear said: “Razer has established itself as the No. 1 gaming lifestyle brand, and this collaboration shows their commitment to delivering the best in PC gaming.”

“With a starting price under a thousand dollars, and with full Razer product and software integration provided out­ of the ­box, we trust that every gamer will be able to enjoy this incredible machine and the experiences it promises” said Min­Liang Tan, Razer co­-founder and CEO.

But what does software integration mean? Digital Trends reached out to Razer to get some clarification. “It means that we will be pre-installing the Razer Software suite, as well as testing it and certifying it with the Razer lineup of peripherals” said Glenn Mandel. “This way, out of the box, when you turn it on, you can connect with other Razer gear and you are all set up!  This saves the gamer time when setting up the machine, and gives them confidence it will work flawlessly with their other Razer products.”

It should be noted that Razer peripherals must be purchased separately.

The Maingear R1 Razer Edition is available now to customize and order.

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