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Razer Power Bank looks good while keeping USB devices charged up

razer power bank smart charger 3
Razer is best known for its gaming notebooks and accessories, but the company makes a number of other products as well. Some, like its Nabu wearables, are more stand-alone products that aren’t directly related to gaming, while some others augment the company’s better-known lines.

One example of the latter is a new product aimed at helping gamers play longer. The Razer Power Bank smart charge accessory can power USB devices up to and including Razer’s own Blade Stealth notebook while upholding the classic Razer aesthetic.

The Razer Power Bank packs in a large, 12,800mAh battery that can provide the Razer Blade Stealth with enough additional power to last a full 15 hours of work, specifically an extra six hour of batter life from only two hours of charging time. The smart charger is encased in a black CNC aluminum casing adorned with the Razer logo for good looks, durability, and portability.

With dual USB-A ports and a USB Type-C connection, the Razer Power Bank can work with a host of devices, and it incorporates intelligence that allows it to instantly recognize devices as they’re attached for optimal charging. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support works with compatible devices to charge up to four times faster than a conventional USB charger.

“High-performance mobile laptops like the Razer Blade Stealth are more a part of daily life than ever before, and keeping them charged and ready is a high priority,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “The Razer Power Bank enables true mobility for users who can now quickly and smartly charge their laptop, phone, and tablet at the same time when an outlet isn’t an option.”

The Razer Power Bank will ship in March and priced at $150. The company will be selling the portable charger exclusively at the Razer Store.

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