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Refreshed M2 MacBook Pro to launch in late 2022

Apple will be making some change-ups to its entry-level MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup later this year, according to reporting by some new leaks.

The information comes from the reliable leaker @dylandkt, and the details are promising, especially if you are hoping for more affordable MacBook options.

Touch bar on the MacBook Pro.
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There are two models that are expected to release in 2022. The first is a new MacBook Pro 14 with an M2 processor, expected to launch in the second half of 2022. Since it will supposedly have the same form factor as the new MacBook Pro 14, it could possibly have the same port selection, compared to the more limited four USB-C ports on the current MacBook Pro 13.

The M2 will also likely have lower performance overall than the M1 Pro chip. It will come with “a slight increase over the previous generation,” but it will still be more palatable than the $2,000 M1 Pro option.

The other model will be a redesigned M2 MacBook Air. There is no confirmation as to what that design will be, but a notched display is a safe assumption, giving the MacBook lineup a uniform look and feel. The M2 MacBook Air has been rumored for a while, and it has likely been delayed until the latter half of 2022.

The currently available M1 MacBook Pro 13 will be replaced with a MacBook Pro 14 with an M2 chip in the 2H of 2022. It will receive a slight price increase over the previous generation. Alongside this release time frame, we will receive the redesigned M2 MacBook (Air).

— Dylan (@dylandkt) January 17, 2022

It’s hard to say what the price will be for the new devices, but we can make some assumptions. The current MacBook Pro 13 starts at $1300, so a slightly pricier model would probably be in the ballpark of $1500. That puts it squarely between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 14 starting prices. It could serve as a good option for those looking for something a bit more powerful than the Air, but don’t need all the power found in the Pro and Max models.

Unless something dramatic changes on the MacBook Air, we can expect it to still start at $1,000, since the Air is still Apple’s entry-level laptop device.

Apple usually holds keynote events in September or October to make hardware announcements and that is likely when they will officially announce these new devices, as well as the new iPhone and any other devices.

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