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Popular VPN provider TunnelBear jumps into password management with RememBear

Password management apps are becoming a necessity these days. We hear of a new security breach pretty much every week, and companies are slow to update their security flaws or even tell customers when they’ve occurred.

TunnelBear is a popular virtual private network (VPN) provider with a fun and accessible app that keeps your browsing sessions private. And now it’s expanding into password management with RememBear, a new privacy app currently in beta and available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. You can also get it as a Chrome browser extension, with support for Safari and Firefox coming soon.

The company claims to have more than 20 million users for its VPN apps, which feature cute animations, such as a bear tunneling its way across Europe to a new location. The app is aimed at the casual user who may not know exactly what a VPN is, but still want to keep their browsing and email information as private as possible.

“There are plenty of VPN services out there, but they tend to be targeted at technical users,” cofounder Ryan Dochuk told Venture Beat. “Our apps have always focused on just making our service fun, simple, and approachable for everyone. It’s all about unlocking the benefits of VPNs for the average person.”

RememBear doesn’t break any new ground with its password management services, but its fun, intuitive interface is designed around ease of use. “Less than 3% of people currently use a password manager and many of the existing tools are still complicated and frustrating to set up,” the company wrote on its site.

There are a lot of password management services out there, and we recently did a rundown of the most popular ones. RememBear encrypts and stores all your password and credit card information, and it can auto-fill the information as needed when you’re purchasing or browsing various retail websites.

It can also create incredibly random passwords for everything you sign into online, You can even designate how long the password is and how many are special symbols or numbers. Once you sign up for the service, you can easily add new devices from the main menu to synch the app across your entire online presence. If you’re using an existing password management service but want to switch, RememBear also allows you to import your passwords from 1Password and LastPass.

The app is currently in beta and it’s free to use, although a subscription model will be an option when the final version is released. With a fun, user-friendly design and a reputation for airtight security, RememBear may be the perfect solution for less tech-savvy users wanting to safeguard their information online.

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