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Mark Austin

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Mark’s first encounter with high-tech was a TRS-80. He spent 20 years working for Nintendo and Xbox as a writer and corporate shill. He sucks at shooters and much prefers playing relaxing city builders and management sims.

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Going, going, gone! A rare Ferrari 250 GTO sells for more than $48 million

A rare original Ferrari GTO, one of only 36 ever made and one of the most sought-after collector cars in the world, has been sold for $48 million at a Sotheby's auction in Monerey, California.
Movies & TV

Behold the dreaded dragon-sharks in the full trailer for final Sharknado movie

It's time for Sharknado to finally jump the shark, as SyFy has announced that the upcoming sixth entry in the cult franchise will be the last. The finale premiering August 19 is sure to be a star-studded time-traveling adventure.
Emerging Tech

Kepler space telescope’s last gasp is next week

The Kepler telescope is running on empty, and there's no way to fill up the tank. As the groundbreaking mission nears its end, the engineers' last priority is retrieving the months of data stored on the spacecraft.

Ford will auction off this Mustang inspired by RAF fighters from WWII

A one-of-a-kind 700-horsepower high-performance Ford Mustang with a livery scheme inspired by American pilots who flew for the RAF during World War II will be auctioned off for charity.
Emerging Tech

A huge meteorite just splashed into the ocean, and scientists want to find it

A two-ton rock from the depths of space just plunged into the Pacific Ocean, and researchers want to find it. Fortunately, an oceanic research vessel is nearby, and it’s ready to deploy its high-tech array to aid in the search.

Microsoft relaunches the classic mouse that changed gaming forever

Fifteen years after its last iteration, Microsoft is relaunching the classic mouse that many gamers grew up with playing Age of Empires. The new Intellimouse maintains the ergonomic focus and simplicity of the original from 1996.