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AMD game promo gives away the existence an upcoming AMD Radeon RX 490

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
AMD has pushed its new RX 480 hard over the last few weeks in the lead up to its official release on June 29, but it turns out that we won’t have to wait much longer for an even quicker card. In an official promo page for its latest game giveaway, AMD let slip that an RX 490 isn’t too far away.

Clearly AMD messed up on to this slip, as soon after PCPer posted it, the listing for the card was removed. If you’d headed over to the AMD We’re in the Game promo page a few hours ago to claim your free game, you would have seen it.

Clicking the eligibility checker gives you a big list of graphics cards and buried in that hefty list were references to the new RX 480 and its smaller brothers, the Rx 470 and 460, but also something we haven’t heard about before: the RX 490.

Details on the card are non-existent, and until an official announcement breaks we wouldn’t expect AMD to issue much in the way of a comment, but this does at least tell us that the RX 490 is a real card, that will one day be available. When is an open question, though the fact is slipped onto this list suggests it’ll arrive in the near future.

That big list of applicable products didn’t just tell us about the RX 490. It also confirmed the names of the upcoming Bristol Ridge accelerated processor units (APUs), like the A12-9730P and A12-9700P.

Designed as the successor to AMD’s Kaveri platform, the new APUs should provide a noticeable improvement in graphical and general processing, as well as a double digit percentage boost to its efficiency, making them more viable in laptops.

With the RX 480 going on sale today at its competitive price point, will you be buying one? Or now that we know about the RX 490, will you hold out for something more powerful?

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