Samsung hit in audacious heist, criminals nab 40,000 devices

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A major Samsung manufacturing plant in Brazil suffered a spectacular raid Monday that saw the loss of smartphones, tablets and notebooks worth in the region of R$13.4 million – that’s about $6 million in US money. Police had earlier put the figure at $36 million, though Samsung later sought to clarify this, offering a much lower figure.

The heist took place in a remote location in Campinas, Sao Paulo state, and involved about 20 robbers armed with submachine guns.

According to reports, the gang gained access to the plant by disguising themselves as Samsung staff.

After entering the facility just after midnight, the robbers rounded up the warehouse staff before removing batteries in their handsets to prevent anyone from alerting cops. They then set about loading up seven trucks with Samsung products.

No violence was used during the remarkably audacious holdup, with the gang, who were dressed all in black, taking around three hours to fill the trucks with some 40,000 items worth millions of dollars.

The police are yet to make any arrests, though there is speculation that it could have been an inside job “since the gang could not only access the factory but also had some privileged information about where certain valuable items were located,” ZDNet reported.

Commenting on the incident in a release, Samsung said it was “very concerned,” adding, “Fortunately, nobody was hurt. We are fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, and we will do our best to avoid it happening again.”

[via Reuters]

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