Some Surface Book fanatics fall victim to canceled pre-orders

Microsoft Surface Book

Earlier this month, Microsoft made the surprise announcement that it would be manufacturing its first laptop, a MacBook competitor called the Surface Book. While the device may have come out of the blue, that didn’t stop hordes of early adopters pre-ordering the high-end PC as soon as it was made available.

However, some buyers have been disappointed to find that their orders have since been cancelled thanks to payment errors. Fraud checks, server errors, and other authentication issues have led to scores of orders being cancelled by Microsoft, according to a report by WinBeta.

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a big issue — however, when those affected go to reorder their device, they’re being told that it could take seven or eight weeks for the product to ship. Given that many of those pre-ordering the Surface Book will be eager to have it in their hands as soon as possible, this is far from an ideal situation.

It’s difficult to ignore the pages Microsoft is tearing from Apple’s playbook with the release of this new laptop, but the usage of hype as a marketing tool is perhaps the most important. The company announced that preorders would start just a day after the device was unveiled, a clear attempt to build buzz around a hot new product.

Thankfully for those buyers affected, Microsoft has announced that measures are being taken to ensure that everyone gets their Surface Book in good time, according to reporting from Windows Central. The company is currently contacting users to rectify the situation, and those orders will be fulfilled in a few days rather than several weeks.

Pre-orders for Microsoft’s Surface Book are currently ongoing, with the device set to begin shipping to consumers on Oct. 27.