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Sony commercial hints at new convertible Vaio

sony commercial hints at new convertible vaio video teaser 2

With the IFA trade show a little more than a week away, we’re starting to see a few bits of news leaking. Last week, we heard murmurs of a leaked Sony Vaio video. Today, Sony officially released said leaked teaser video for an unnamed Vaio product. 

The video shows a pair of hands folding a piece of paper into a “laptop,” then into a “tablet,” and then into “viewer,” which looks similar to Lenovo’s Yoga’s Stand Mode. The hand then draws a line down the paper, which makes us wonder if that signifies some sort of foldable feature, though we have no idea how that would actually work.

The catchphrase, “It all begins with one line,” appears onscreen after the line is drawn. Is Sony referring to its Vaio line? Or is there a new line under the Vaio name? Sony already has Fit, Duo, Pro, and L under the Vaio franchise. It seems unnecessary to launch yet another series unless it’s a far departure from current offerings.

The commercial is only 30 seconds long, so there’s not a whole lot of info about this mysterious new Vaio product. Considering Sony only has one truly convertible PC at this time – the Vaio Duo – we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony’s next version of a convertible, as its Duo was poorly received

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. What kind of convertible laptop would you like to see from Sony?

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