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Jennifer Bergen

Jennifer Bergen

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jennifer Bergen is the Computing Section Editor at Digital Trends and is in charge of all things laptops, desktops, and their accessories – be they functional or downright silly. She has worked for PCMag,, ZDNet, ConsumerSearch, Popular Science, and Good Housekeeping. Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, where she got a degree in News Editorial journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Jennifer traded in the mountains for the skyscrapers of New York City. She was a DJ for three years at her college radio station and continues spinning records in Brooklyn at Monday Night Vinyl Club. You can follow her on Twitter at @jennybergen.

lenovo unveils 5 new thinner lighter thinkpads thinkpad s440 touch

Lenovo unveils 5 new thinner, lighter ThinkPads

Today in Berlin prior to IFA, Lenovo announced five new Haswell-powered ThinkPads that offer longer battery life, and are thinner and lighter than before.
dell announces flexible new touchscreen monitors 27 touch monitor flat

Dell announces flexible new touchscreen monitors

Dell unveiled three new touch monitors today available in 20-, 23-, or 27-inches. A unique stand allows users to tilt the display up to 60 degrees.
dell latitude 7000 laptop e7440touch

Dell unveils ‘world’s most secure Ultrabook’ with super slim Latitude 7000 laptop

The first of many laptop announcements to come ahead of IFA, Dell announced new Latitude 7000, 5000, and 3000 series laptops and Ultrabooks this week.
sony commercial hints at new convertible vaio video teaser

Sony commercial hints at new convertible Vaio

A commercial that leaked last week showing a new Vaio concept was officially released by Sony today. Is a new convertible PC coming soon to Sony's lineup?
has microsoft fixed windows 8 our final verdict on the 1 preview mem 325x250

Windows 8.1 is officially ready – now, we wait

Though Windows 8 launched just 10 months ago, Windows 8.1 is almost here. Microsoft announced today that the update is ready and rolling out to OEMs.
picture proof that microsoft will be boring without steve ballmer tongue 3

Picture proof that Microsoft is going to be boring without Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer's leaving Microsoft's CEO position. What we're going to miss most is Ballmer's crazy antics – and outlandish facial expressions.
feedly pro now available with searching feature upgrade

Feedly Pro now available with sweet, sweet search feature

Though we miss Google Reader, we have to accept that it's not coming back. Feedly is a good alternative, and its $5-a-month Pro version is now available.
google chromecast review  alternate

Google puts the kibosh on apps that enable local file streaming to Chromecast

Google released a Chromecast firmware update that blocks third-party apps, like AllCast, capable of streaming local content from a phone to an HDTV.
microsoft plans oak trail tablets for 2011 steve ballmer financial analyist meeting july 2010

Was Steve Ballmer’s resignation more sudden than Microsoft claims?

Will piracy laws kill 3D printing?

Buying a MakerBot Digitizer? 3D scanners come with copyright strings attached

MakerBot announced the availability of its Digitizer 3D Scanner, but not all objects can be scanned and printed equally. Copyright has a place in this game.
microsoft steve ballmer fisticuffs

Steve Ballmer stepping down as Microsoft CEO within the next 12 months

Microsoft announced today that CEO Steve Ballmer will be stepping down within the next 12 months as the company hires his successor.
makerbots digitizer 3d scanner now available for pre order makerbot gnome

MakerBot’s $1,400 Digitizer 3D Scanner now available for pre-order

Though we got a glimpse of it at SXSW, it wasn't until today, five months later, that MakerBot made its Digitizer 3D Scanner available for pre-order.
lenovo teams up with pokki to bring back the windows 8 start menu on pcs

Lenovo teams up with Pokki to bring back the Start menu on Windows 8 PCs

Pokki, an app that puts the Windows Start menu back in its place, is teaming up with Lenovo to preinstall the app on IdeaPads, ThinkPads, and IdeaCentres.
chrome web browser

Google releases Chrome 29 with magical Reset button

Google announced its official release of Chrome 29 Tuesday, which brings users a Reset button, as well as improved omnibox results and rich notifications.
box doubles free storage plan to 10gb cloud

Box doubles the pleasure, bumps free storage plan to 10GB

Today, cloud storage service Box announced an update to its plans, including a new Starter plan, and doubling the storage in its free plan (now 10GB).

Google+ Photos app now available for all Chromebooks, not just Pixel

Google announced yesterday that the Google+ Photos app (previously exclusive to the Chromebook Pixel) is now available to download for all Chromebooks.
now you can skype straight from your outlook com account dt

Now you can Skype straight from your account

Microsoft officially launched Skype integration within today, making it available in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Brazil, France, and Germany.
asus to launch 10 inch vivobook jump on the chromebook train x102ba

Asus rumor mill churns with leaked 10.1-inch VivoBook and alleged Chromebook

Asus may be over Windows RT, but rumors of Asus's new 10.1-inch VivoBook swirl alongside talk of an Asus Chromebook. Will September bring two new products?
Apple Mac Pro 2013

Apple’s Mac Pro ad campaign, coming soon to a theater near you

Apple teases Mac Pro Fall release in U.S. movie theater previews, but still doesn't give an exact date. Does this hint at a dual launch with the new iPhone?
acer launches 3 new high res monitors gets touchy with 1 t272hul straight win8

Acer launches three new ultra high-res LED monitors, gets touchy with one

Acer unveiled the touch-enabled ultra high-resolution T272HUL monitor yesterday, along with its non-touch high-res counterparts, the B276HUL and B296CL.
microsoft confirms skype will be come bundled in windows 8 1 apps

Skype joins the Start screen club, will come pre-installed in Windows 8.1

Microsoft confirmed today that Skype will come pre-installed in Windows 8.1. Skype will take the place of Microsoft's Windows 8 messaging app.
haptix 3d multitouch sensor aims to be another mouse killer

The next mouse-killer: Haptix 3D multitouch sensor turns any surface into a controller

Haptix, a new 3D multitouch sensor, aims to kill the mouse dead. The device transforms any surface into an 3D multitouch surface to control your PC or TV.

Stranger danger: Hacker gets access to baby monitor, says lewd things to 2-year-old girl

Hackers are hitting us everywhere: in our bank, Twitter, and email accounts – and even at home. One Houston family's baby monitor was hacked recently.
windows 8 1 gets official release date of october 17 hits shelves 18 homescreen 32

It’s official: Windows 8.1 gets October 17 digital release date, hits shelves October 18

Starting October 17 in the U.S., the wait for Windows 8.1 will be over. W8 users can download it for free, and new users can buy it the following day.
microsoft announces windows 8 ready sculpt ergonomic desktop keyboard and mouse press image

Microsoft’s new Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is as smooth as a manta ray’s bottom

Microsoft unveiled its Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard and Mouse. The keyboard, which has a manta ray-like design, is easy on the eyes and the wrists.
oh so this is how nasas 3d printer will work in orbit nasa

Oh! So that’s how NASA’s 3D printer will work on the International Space Station

Never thought 3D printers would be on the International Space Station? As of June of 2014, they will be, and this video shows how they'll work.
has microsoft fixed windows 8 our final verdict on the 1 preview mem 325x250

Start the countdown – Windows 8.1 reportedly available mid-October

The RTM version of Windows 8.1 will be released towards the end of August, but according to new reports, the public will see a mid-October release date.
will animated pngs be the new gif apng vs

Can a Grumpy Cat make you LOL if it’s an APNG and not a GIF?

Animated GIFs aren't the only animated image standard on the Web. In fact, animated PNGs (APNGs), have been alive and well since 2004.

That was quick! Asus abandons the Windows RT market to Microsoft and Dell

With Asus CEO Jerry Shen's announcement that the company is backing out of the Windows RT market, who's actually still making Windows RT devices?

Microsoft’s new ‘By The Numbers’ site boasts big stats but skips the Surface

Microsoft unveiled its "By the Numbers" site to show off how well the company's doing in terms of sales. However, it conveniently forgot to include Surface.
tech trademark battles shutterstock 116812078

5 trademark battles that prove Microsoft’s SkyDrive flap is all too common

Microsoft's in hot water over its SkyDrive name. But the company's not alone. We've seen many a tech trademark battle before. Here's five of our favorites.

Corning announces the next ‘it’ feature in laptops this fall: Gorilla Glass NBT

Mobile devices aren't the only ones getting love from Corning. The company announced the new laptop-specific Gorilla Glass NBT hitting laptops this fall.
toshiba satellite e45t review open

Hands on: Toshiba’s Satellite E Series gets Haswell-ified at an affordable price

Toshiba adds the 14-inch Haswell-powered E45t Ultrabook to its Satellite E Series lineup, as well as the 15-inch AMD A6-powered E55t/E55Dt ultrathin laptop.
mac fix kaspersky lab beats apple to anti flashback trojan software malware

Watch out, Mac OS X users! FBI ransomware is coming for you, too

Ransomware's not only hitting PCs; it looks like OS X computers are also susceptible. If your Mac is held ransom by the FBI, here's what you need to know.