Feedly Pro now available with sweet, sweet search feature

feedly pro now available with searching feature upgrade

Though it’s only been less than two months since we lost Google Reader, it seems like an eternity. For those of us who use RSS readers religiously, one of the most-used features missing from many of the Google Reader alternatives is the search function. Today, Feedly, a free RSS reader we’ve been using on and off since Google Reader’s demise, made its Pro version available – and with it added the search feature we’ve all been dreaming of. 

Feedly Pro launched with a limited-time, $99 lifetime subscription a few weeks ago, but that sold out in 8 hours. Those who jumped on that offer are lucky because, so far, Feedly seems like one of the best alternatives to Google Reader. Feedly Pro will cost users $5 a month, or $45 a year.

In addition to the search feature, which is completely missing from the free version, Pro users will have access to one-click Evernote integration, Pocket integration, and premium customer support. Evernote integration is included in the free version as well, but users have to email pages to Evernote instead of having the luxury and ease of the Evernote button. Pocket is also included in the free version, but Feedly says the Pro version makes Pocket’s integration more seamless with one-click save to Pocket. 

If that doesn’t sound like a whole heck of a lot to put $5 a month towards, Feedly says that it’ll be adding more features based on user feedback. Feedly says the money it’s making from the Pro version will go towards scaling up the Feedly cloud infrastructure, developing new features, and improving customer support. If you’re a little uneasy about taking the Pro plunge, Feedly offers a full refund within five days if you’re unhappy with the paid version. 

Are you signing up for Feedly Pro? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below. 

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