Star Citizen’s Star Marine FPS module launching in “weeks”

Star Citizen is many things to many people. To some it’s the most successfully crowdfunded game ever, for others it’s a constant tease of the future, and to others still, it’s a big money sink with all of its ship and upgrade pre-orders. Regardless of your experience with it, Star Citizen is just as susceptible as every other crowdfunded project to delays and feature creep, which have continually plagued different aspects of its production.

Despite announcing at the end of June that Star Marine, the game’s FPS module, didn’t have a clear release date yet, the team clarified today when it might see the light of day, sort of. It’s already missed the originally target release date of April, but it looks like we may see it in a few short weeks.

This statement comes from Chris Roberts himself in an interview with GamerNexus, where he said that he had always given rough dates for the release of the shooter segment of Star Citizen, simply because he was never sure when it would be ready and he wanted it to be, before it was released.

The conversation can be viewed in its entirety above, but the relevant section is around the 5:30 mark. In it Roberts references the fact that he’s made statements about release dates in the past that they have been unable to meet, so said he was tentative to do the same now. However, ultimately, he put it down to less than two months.

“In reality, we’re probably weeks off. We’re shooting to have FPS on the PTU round-about Gamescom or slightly after Gamescom. We’re really talking about people getting to play FPS in a matter of 3, 4, maybe 5 weeks.”

This is big news for those excited about the future of Star Citizen as to date. While the space combat in Arena Commander has been fun and engaging, Star Citizen has always been about much more than just that one aspect of space travel and combat. Bringing first person action to the players will be a significant step in realizing that vision.

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