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Surface Pro 6 passes YouTuber’s bend tests, won’t snap in half like iPad Pro

Surface Pro 6 Durability Test! - Is it stronger than the iPad Pro?!

Apple’s new iPad Pro recently fell under scrutiny for failing bending tests, but it looks like Microsoft’s newest 2-in-1 is more durable. In his testing, popular YouTuber Zack Nelson, better known as JerryRigEverything, finds that the Surface Pro 6 can withstand most stress tests and not snap in half like the iPad Pro.

The testing put the Surface Pro 6 through a series of significant bend, glass, and metal scratch examinations, as well as a burn test on the display. In the all-important bend evaluation, the Surface Pro 6 still flexes toward the front but “doesn’t lock out,” according to JerryRigEverything. The LCD screen also comes loose from its adhesives at one point and even cracks but continues to work just fine right after.

Presumably, this could likely be due to a weight difference. The iPad Pro comes in at a lighter 1.03 pounds and the Surface Pro 6 at a heftier 1.7 pounds. Microsoft’s inbuilt kickstand also contributes to the success in the bend test, since it braces up and supports the undersides of the Surface Pro 6 when it is closed up and put under pressure.

Elsewhere in testing, the Surface Pro 6 doesn’t do too well with scratches. As he does with most smartphones, JerryRigEverything was easily able to scrape the magnesium on the sides of the device and etch his own “art” into the undersides near the Microsoft logo. The burn test, however, yielded different results. The Surface Pro 6 lasted 12 seconds under the heat from a lighter before fully recovering.

“The Surface weighs 40 percent more than the iPad. That weight definitely adds more to the structure … there’s just more structural material inside, plus the Surface doesn’t have any flaws built into its weakest points, like on the iPad, with its massive bend near the microphone hole,” said JerryRigEverything.

Though Surface devices are all glued together and aren’t easily repairable in the event of any bending or issues, that could possibly be working out in its favor. Unlike the iPad Pro, these tests show the Surface is clearly a stronger device. You still might want to consider the extended Microsoft Complete plan though, which covers the device if you so happen to push it to its limits.

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