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New iPad Pro’s durability in question after it fails YouTuber’s bend test

The durability of Apple’s new iPad Pro is under scrutiny after the tablet failed a bend test by a popular YouTuber, which coincides with user reports on how easily the device gets damaged.

The new iPad Pro, which just announced and released earlier this month, was subjected to a durability test by Zack Nelson, who is better known as YouTuber JerryRigEverything. The tablet withstood various kinds of scratch tests, but when it came to the bend test, it performed horribly.

Using just his bare hands, Nelson was able to crack open the iPad Pro right in the middle. The YouTuber explains that there are holes in either side of the tablet’s aluminum frame, with a microphone hole on the left side and a cutout that wirelessly charges the Apple Pencil on the right side.

The bend test shows that owners of the 2018 iPad Pro models will want to be careful of their shiny, new tablets. The devices will not be carried in users’ pockets like iPhones, so they will not suffer damage in this way. Instead, users should think twice before placing them in bags without a case for protection, as the iPad Pro may get damaged.

Nelson’s bend test on the new iPad Pro corroborates other user complaints found in online forums that question the tablet’s durability. One user reported that the iPad Pro was slightly bent after keeping the tablet in a backpack for a week while traveling, while some users claimed that the device was already bent right out of the box.

Apple offers a free replacement within a two week return period for cases like this, so users should not be overly concerned that the new iPad Pro is being shipped already bent. However, with its durability in the spotlight, owners should exercise caution when handling the tablet, especially since it comes with a price tag that ranges from $800 to $1,150.

The new iPad Pro is a worthwhile investment, but the tablet is not yet capable of completely replacing laptop and desktop computers. The new models are the most beautiful and well-designed iPads to date though, as long as users are not trying to crack them open with their bare hands.

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