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Images spoil Microsoft’s surprise, reveal Surface Pro 7, 15-inch Surface Laptop

What could shape up to be Microsoft’s biggest event of the year is now less than a day away, but some new images have just about spoiled the surprise. In a series of tweets, tech leaker Evan Blass revealed almost all of the new devices in the late-2019 Microsoft Surface lineup, including the Surface Pro 7, 15-inch Surface Laptop, and another redesigned and new Surface product.

The images resemble what Microsoft typically uses in its marketing and appear to be genuine. For Surface fans, the most interesting of the set of images is what Blass is calling an “ARM-powered Surface.”

As seen below, this device appears similar to the rumored Surface 7 and features slim bezels, as well as two USB-C ports and a newly redesigned Surface Pen. It would appear as though Microsoft has now moved this Surface closer to the looks and thickness of an iPad, while still keeping the kickstand on the device. The Type Cover keyboard also seems to have received a redesign, with a spot in the top for the pen.

The other images of the 13-inch and 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 reveal a device that is much different from anything ever seen from Microsoft before. Although much attention and rumors have been paid to the chipset inside the devices, it would now appear as though the Surface Laptop 3 is closer in physical looks a MacBook Pro. Gone is the Alcantara fabric material, and in its place is the same magnesium from the rest of the Surface lineup. The ports on the device are not clear, however.

The final images reveal the Surface Pro 7, which appears to keep the same design as in the past. Judging from the leaks, nothing has changed with the device, except for the addition of a single USB-C port that replaces the older Mini Displayport. USB-A and Surface Connect are both still on the device. Thick bezels still surround the Surface Pro 7, presumably because Microsoft is opting to sell a separate Surface model, mentioned, above with smaller bezels.

Evan Blass did not manage to leak photos of the dual-screen Surface Centaurus PC that is also widely expected to be revealed at the October 2 event. That could remain one of the surprises, as well as the rumored new versions of the Surface keyboards, Surface Pen, and accessories.

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