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Surface Neo: Everything to know about Microsoft’s dual-screen device

Microsoft Newsroom/Microsoft

Microsoft previously showed off a new prototype privately to its employees, an innovative dual-screen device that went by the codename “Centaurus.” It’s a project that’s been in the works for years, having taken a few different forms as it’s evolved. Until recently, it had never been officially spoken of by Microsoft, only hinted at in rumors and reports. However, it’s finally been announced at the Surface event on October 2. And it’s not called Centaurus — Microsoft’s new duel-screen device is the Surface Neo.

Here’s everything we know about the revolutionary new Surface device.

Price and release date

While the Surface Neo made its debut at Microsoft’s October Surface Event, it only received a fairly vague release date. Surface Neo is expected to be released sometime during the 2020 holiday season. And with such a faraway release date, it’s understandable that Microsoft still hasn’t announced the price for the Surface Neo.

Surface Neo will run on Windows 10X and include all apps

Windows 10X is a version of Windows that uses the same modular Core OS technology in devices like the Xbox, HoloLens 2, and Surface Hub 2. According to Microsoft, Windows 10X is designed specifically for dual-screen devices in mind. It is expected to support Win32 apps and “to deliver more flexible experiences with a wide range of input types and hardware postures all while managing Windows applications and how they use the battery.”

According to the 2019 Surface Event announcement, Surface Neo will include all apps and even support Microsoft Office.

Neo will have a removable keyboard and compatibility with Surface Pen

Microsoft Newsroom/Microsoft

According to a press release published by Microsoft on October 2, Neo will be compatible with Surface Pen and a Bluetooth mouse. Additionally, Neo will include a removable keyboard, that as we saw in the October Surface event demo, will have the ability to be moved from top to bottom. Interestingly the Neo’s stylus will charge on the back of it.

A lightweight, dual-screen device

Neo weighs just 655 grams and features a 5.6mm LCD screen. It has a full-sized 13-inch display, which is made up of two smaller 9-inch screens that are connected by a “360-degree full friction hinge.”

Neo will be powered by an Intel processor

The Surface Neo will be powered by an 11th generation hybrid CPU known as Intel Lakefield.

Intel, for one, is very interested in dual-screen devices — so much so that the company showed off its concepts for dual screens in the past, and is working on various components to help companies reach that end. The closest might be the Tiger Rapids prototype, first shown off at Computex in 2018. The device featured two screens, which could be folded up like a notebook.

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