Tech Report Reviews The Shuttle XPC SB75S

Quote from the review at The Tech Report:

“GOOD DESIGN CREATES irrational attachments. You can see this principle illustrated in zillions of ways, from the outrageous prices commanded by exotic automobiles to the slavish, enthused dedication of the Macintosh faithful. For me this principle was recently put into play vividly by the arrival of the Shuttle XPC SB75S at Damage Labs.

Let’s be clear about some things. I like small form factor computers. I’ve liked ’em from the introduction of the first underpowered little boxes without AGP slots. I like the latest and greatest ones even better, and I’ve reviewed loads of them.

But when the XPC SB75S arrived, something different happened. I got to looking at its stark, sleek lines and white pearlescent finish, and something clicked. I really like this thing, well beyond what a simple reskin of the XPC SB75G2, with the exact same motherboard, deserves. I know that rationally. But I also know that if a fire broke out in Damage Labs, I’d probably be carrying out the backup tapes under one arm and the SB75S under the other.”

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