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Touch in VR goes in a predictable direction: VR sex suit sells out in hours

tenga vr sex suit illusionvr
A Japanese firm has created a “full body virtual interface” to help the wearer simulate sex. Known as Illusion VR, it combines a full body suit and a sex toy to give users a “full package” of sexual pleasure, all without the need for another human being.

We assume parents across the U.S. will soon be citing virtual reality as an evil that must be stopped.

The Illusion system pairs a Samsung Gear VR headset with a haptic feedback suit, meant to simulate the feeling of human touch. It even comes with a pair of female “attachments” to aid in reality. One goes where you might expect for a male user, while the other nestles just under the user’s chest, letting him fondle fake breasts.

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Developed by Japanese company Tenga according to the Mirror, the Illusion is currently priced at $400. But getting hold of one could prove difficult, as the paper claims that the suits are entirely sold out.

We should warn that this product appeared online during the earliest moments of this month, so there is a chance that this is no more than an April Fools’ gag. But this would be far from the first VR sex aid to make an appearance since virtual reality became more viable. And even if it’s not a gag, this might be the most cumbersome, time-consuming way to stimulate yourself. It currently takes a lot of time and effort to get into the suit.

Warning: While there is no nudity, it’s safe to say that this video of the system is not safe for work (NSFW). Watch at your own discretion.

We’ve seen early iterations of this sort of technology before; a company called Kiiroo has produced similar virtual reality sex aids for some time now, which synchronize with 180-degree porn videos. They’re not as tactile as the Illusion VR system, but clearly, we’re well on our way to a world where immersive VR sex is a thing.

One interesting aspect of the suit, brought up by IR, is the impact such a system could have on prostitution. If people can get their fix for human companionship at home, perhaps they’ll be less prone to seek illicit methods to achieve it?

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