The Fasetto Link allows for 2TB of storage and wireless transfers without Wi-Fi

Solid-state drives are changing quicker than anyone might have imagined. What was once considered traditional is now a thing of the past, as sleeker storage solutions begin to boost wireless functionality and tout more robust storage space than their fledgling counterparts of yesteryear. The Fasetto Link is one such offering, designed for users looking to ditch cables and the SD card in favor of sheer convenience.

However, the Link isn’t the same device Fasetto debuted during CES 2015. Whereas last year’s prototype essentially functioned as a wearable SSD, this year’s model takes the form of a cube-shaped device outfitted with offline streaming capabilities. The compact, 2TB drive features its own operating system and Wi-Fi chip, the latter of which works in unison with the Fasetto ARCH transport layer to wirelessly transfer content — photos, videos, documents, etc. — between devices. Because of this, the Link doesn’t require you to connect to your Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Connectivity doesn’t just stop at one device, either. The Link can connect to up to 20 devices at once and simultaneously stream content to and from up to seven devices (regardless of the platform). The device can transfer at speeds up to 2,500 Mbps, too, with an option to back up to the cloud if desired. Custom security software and multiple layers of data encryption also help further safeguard content in a central storage location, which is then accessible on any device via Link’s native app or Web interface.

The Link also touts the upper hand when it comes build quality, at least when compared to other solid state drives. The newest iteration utilizes a weatherproof and impact-resistant case made of ABS plastic and outfitted with metal construction, which also happens to weigh less than 4 ounces and retain a build small enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand. After all, space is always at a premium on the go.

“Our digital content means everything to us — it’s our memories, our keepsakes and entertainment,” said Coy Christmas in a press release during CES 2016. “We want to revolutionize the way it’s accessed and experienced.” The Link is slated for release at an undisclosed price sometime in fall 2016.

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