The FAVI Swivel Screen case gives your iPad Air a notebook-esque QWERTY keyboard

the favi swivel screen case gives your ipad air a notebook esque qwerty keyboard faviswivel

Though iPads and tablets in general are the “hot” tech items these days, no one would ever argue that a physical keyboard is inferior to a digital, one-screen one. FAVI Entertainment concurs, apparently, and so they’ve addressed this issue by announcing their Swivel Screen portfolio case, which gives your iPad Air a full QWERTY keyboard that connects to your slate via Bluetooth. 

The Swivel Screen case ships in one of three colors (black, gold or silver), connects to your Air via Bluetooth 3.0, and has a 250 mAh battery built which the company claims can endure up to 80 hours of continuous use. However, one of the Air’s hallmark features, it’s light weight and portability, would take a significant hit if you pair it with FAVI’s new case. The Swivel Screen weighs a full pound according to the official product page, effectively doubling the weight of the 1-pound iPad Air.

For $39.99 though, if you’re an Apple devotee and you either can’t or just don’t want to plunk down the cash for a full-fledged MacBook, adding a physical keyboard to your tablet doesn’t seem like a bad way to go. However, if you’re in the market for such an accessory, you might want to check out the CruxCase CruxEncore, which is bulkier and more expensive, but has a bigger battery and essentially turns your iPad Air into a convertible notebook.

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