Brighten up your day – and gaming PC – with Thermaltake's new RGB LED liquid cooler

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Taiwanese manufacturer Thermaltake has unveiled a new PC water cooler component that’s just as appealing in terms of form factor as it is regarding functionality. The Water 3.0 Riing RGB is outfitted with multi-coloured LEDs to give your rig a sense of flair, as well as keeping things cool under the hood.

A ring of lights surround the central fan component, which can then be customized by the user to match any RGB profile. Given that water coolers aren’t the most visually exciting element of a PC build, it’s easy to see why Thermaltake is hoping that a twist on the standard component might grab the attention of prospective customers.

An included remote allows users to tinker with their lighting set-up on the fly. These sort of tweaks might not lend any performance benefits, but they’re sure to go down well in the increasingly popular custom PC scene.

Two variants of the Riing line are set to be made available, the 240 and the 360. The former is a double-wide at 240mm, while the latter is a triple-wide and at 360mm — however, a report from PC Per suggests that the 360 is erroneously listed as 326mm long on official materials.

This isn’t the only product that Thermaltake has offered this year to keep things cool in the PC gaming sphere. Back in April, the company released the Ventus X, a mouse specially designed to combat the unwanted effects of hand sweat in tense competitive situations.

While the Riing range might not be quite so unusual, it’s another example of the unique selling points that smaller manufacturers have to find to compete with bigger names. As of the time of writing, Thermaltake hasn’t released any information about the pricing or release date for the new Riing range.