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Thermaltake’s newest mouse will keep your hands cool in the hottest games

While it’s not exactly the most physically strenuous sport, PC gaming does have the tendency to get the blood pumping. Thanks to the body’s age old fight or flight response, when the adrenaline hits, it thinks it’s about to do something physical, which means it starts to sweat. For gamers this often means an uncomfortable bout of the dreaded Sweaty Hands Syndrome.

While companies have attempted to address gamer perspiration in a myriad of unique ways, ThermalTake has decided to start its anti-sweat campaign with a PC gamer’s right hand man: the mouse.

The company’s new Ventus X comes with a specially crafted matte coating, that has a slightly rough texture, which should mean the mouse remains grippy even in the wettest of scenarios. On top of that, there’s extra ventilation provided by a honeycomb grill built into the palm rest. The idea is that when you’re frantically firing at enemies and ducking in and out of cover, any sweat that does build up is much more likely to be whisked away by the movement of air around your hand.

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Other features include additional rubber grips on the sides to, again, ward off that dreaded sweat-monster, and a laser sensor with sensitivity that can be boosted up to 5700 DPI. There are also programmable buttons and some adjustable weights for those who want to custom their gaming mouse to fit very specific parameters.

All in all it seems like a well rounded package, but whether it is able to cull the habits of gamers suffering with shoot-out induced hyperhidrosis remains to be seen. It is available now for just $50 on Newegg, so if you give it a try, do let us know.

Anyone else suffer from perpetually sweaty mitts when gaming?

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