Toshiba Recalling 41,000 T-Series Notebooks Worldwide

toshiba recalling 41000 t series notebooks worldwide 16485 10330Toshiba is recalling a number of its T-Series notebooks due to a potential fire hazard. According to Toshiba, there have been reports of notebooks overheating when plugged into the wall with an AC adapter.

The notebooks affected include the Satellite T135, Satellite T135D, and the Satellite Pro T130:

Satellite T135D-S1326, T135D-SP2012L, T135-SP2909R, T135D-SP2012M, T135-SP2013L, T135-SP2013M, T135D-S1322, T135-S1330, T135D-S1328WH, T135D-S1328RD, T135D-S1328, T135D-S1327, T135D-S1325WH, T135D-S1325RD, T135D-S1325, T135D-S1324, T135D-S1320, T135-SP2911R, T135-S1312, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310, T135-S1309, T135-S1307, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300, T135-SP2911C, T135-SP2911A, T135-SP2910R, T135-SP2910C, T135-SP2910A, T135-SP2909C, T135-SP2909A

Satellite Pro T130-W1302, T130-EZ1301

Toshiba has 129 confirmed reports of overheating which can lead to deformation of the notebook’s plastic housing. There have been two reports of minor burns and two reports of property damage as a result of the malfunction.

Toshiba’s solution to the problem is for users to download a BIOS update which will determine if the notebook is overheating, disable AC charging, and then display a message to contact Toshiba for a free repair.

The machines affected were manufactured between August 2009 and August 2010.

You can find out more information about the recall from Toshiba’s website.