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The Unevn One is a portable desk that brings PC gaming on the road

unEvn ONE - The world’s first portable, all-in-one gaming desk!

Taking your desktop PC and accessories for gaming outside of your usual setup can be a burden, but a new Kickstarter project hopes to change that. The Unevn One is the worlds first all-in-one, portable gaming desk complete with a computer chassis and integrated monitor mount onboard.

Currently set for a $40,000 goal, this Kickstarter initiative is run by Aleksi Rinkinen, Santeri Rinkinen, and Jaakko Kievari. Their project, dubbed the Unevn One, is a gaming desk that features a built-in chassis for a mini ITX motherboard, processor, graphics card, and power supply from any manufacturer. It also has enough room for up to a 25-inch monitor, as well as a lockable draw for gaming accessories like a keyboard and mouse. When in use, the desk can adjust from a 24-inch or a 32-inch height. The overall gaming surface has a width of 48 inches, and a depth of around 31.5 inches, with a curved and smooth front edge for ergonomic comfort.

There’s even an integrated connectivity panel on the front end of the desk that sports USB ports, power buttons, and a headphone jack. On the rear, are connections for the motherboard and graphics cards. It also supports a maximum of four 2.5-inch solid-state drives. This means that cable management is clean and efficient, with everything falling behind the desk.

According to the Kickstarter page, the Uneven One desk can fold up and fit directly into a carrying case, with handles and a strap. This is accomplished with release buttons in the sides, which allows a user to pull up its portions into a suitcase. There is even an integrated handle with a padded carrying strap that allows you to carry it around for convenience. Overall, when folded, the entire set up measures 32 inches x 24 inches x 8 inches, with an approximate weight of roughly 45 pounds. That is still heavy, but lighter than other non-portable gaming desks like the BenQ Zone.

The Unevn One can easily open up after travel, thanks to side rollers and folding legs. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive, as pledging $1,369 will guarantee you one at roughly half off the eventual retail price of $2,500. Shipments are scheduled for October, but won’t include the computer components, which instead will have to be purchased separately after the campaign ends. As always, though, you should exercise caution when participating in any crowdfunded project.

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