VIA Powers New Golf Information System

From VIAs press release:

Promising to do for golf what the ATM did for banking, the new TeePod Information System from 4everSports, based on the VIA EPIA VE5000 Mini-ITX mainboard, enriches the game of golf by providing a revolutionary web-based scoring, information, communication and management system all in one.

The TeePod will debut in the professional golf competitive arena at the PGA-certified 4everSports Pro-Pro tournament being held at Dobson Ranch Golf Club in Mesa, Arizona on 8th March, where players will for the first time be able to view all transmitted scores in real time, lending a more competitive edge to the play.

Designed with the needs of both the golfer and the course manager in mind, the TeePod Information System is an attractive and environmentally rugged kiosk providing an on-course, online scoring, information, communication and management system through a course-wide WiFi 802.11b wireless network. 4everSports’ user-friendly web-based software lets players check scores and view in-depth hole information, as well as message the clubhouse for refreshments, request on-course help for such common incidents as lost clubs, and seek immediate aid for players in distress.

“4everSports has added excitement and new ways to experience traditional golf with this innovative and highly refined TeePod on-course information system,” said Richard Brown, Associate Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “4everSports has leveraged the best of the VIA embedded platform to empower both the golfer as well as the course operator.”

“VIA has been a great development partner,” said 4eversports President and CEO, Robert Bobbett. “The way VIA develops and markets its products totally supports the direction we’re headed. We can’t wait to get our hands on new boards VIA is producing because they will enable us to even further reduce the cost of producing TeePod Information Systems.”

4everSports is confident that its TeePod Information System will be embraced by the golf world. The company offers golf course operators an irresistible opportunity, guaranteeing that the system will pay for itself in the first year of operation and ensuring increased rounds and automating many of the things course operators have had to do manually such as running tournaments, allocating cards and monitoring the pace of play.

Golfing the TeePod Way
Several times brighter than a laptop monitor, the crisp, bright touch-screen LCD display on a TeePod kiosk shows a highly user-friendly interface designed with the golfer in mind, bringing hole yardage, features and pictures, individual, group and course scores, player statistics, game customization, cart allocation, advance round ID confirmation and more straight to the fingertips. Golfers can benefit from pro-tips on each hole, and even regulation queries can be solved, with online rulings provided in real time.

Support is available for those having technical difficulties, such as a broken cart or lost club, while emergency medical help may be summoned quickly, even in the far reaches of the course. The TeePod even allows lightning warnings to be transmitted. And for the total convenience of the player, orders for new balls and even the 19th hole refreshments can be made online and prepared ready for when the player walks off the course.

Meanwhile, fans at home can keep up with all the action on the Internet at, with up-to-the-minute scores entered by the players themselves.

Better Management, More Profitable Golf Courses
Combining greatly enhanced course management capabilities with the availability of extra revenue generation, the TeePod Information System is designed to pay for itself within one year. The detailed reporting system enables a wide array of management information that includes pace of play monitoring, real time messaging, membership management, efficient online course booking, tournament organization that includes automatic flighting, scoring, retrogression, prize allocation and cart assignment, and a direct player requests for course maintenance.

The TeePod can also raise the profitability of the course directly through the generation of revenue raising opportunities, such as the ordering of food and beverages, or pro-shop equipment items through the kiosk online system. The Web-based display also affords advertising benefits for event and club sponsors and local businesses, from whole-screen ads displayed immediately before and after player use of the kiosk to banner ad opportunities on information pages.

Secure, Reliable Operation
The Linux-based operating system and complex application software is remotely monitored and managed by 4everSports through a 128-bit encryption application that provides security breach detection and automatic software upgrades for all the kiosks over the course-wide WiFi wireless network. To ensure ultimate reliability, the system provides fault-tolerant back-ups and traffic re-routing to avoid downtime.

Further information about the TeePod Information System may be found at: More details on the 4everSports Pro-Pro tournament on March 8th, 2004 may be found at the PGA’s Southwest branch website:, and at the 4everSports website at: