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Vivaldi browser lights up your keyboard with Razer Chroma effects

The new version of the Vivaldi browser extends beyond the virtual world and into the physical with a Razer partnership which can see Choma-enabled mice and keyboards sync their lighting with the websites you’re visiting. It works dynamically when launching new websites or even switching tabs, with RGB backlit devices like Razer’s BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard, or its more recent Core X Chroma external graphics card enclosure, displaying complimentary colors depending on what site you’re visiting.

Not heard of Vivaldi before? It’s one of our favorite alternative web browsers and well worth a look. Download it for free from the official site.

“Being an avid gamer, I have always wanted to experiment with devices that would give more thrilling options to play around with,” Vivaldi developer Petter Nilsen said in a statement. “Razer Chroma has been a fun project. Users can completely transform the way they browse with Vivaldi’s array of features.”

Razer Chroma is the unified backlighting and software package that controls it with Razer peripherals and devices. Like similar platforms from the likes of Corsair or Logitech, Chroma lets you have fancy lighting effects that react to your inputs, display animations, or even give you information about what’s going on in your game. Vivaldi integration takes that a step further by having the lighting react to what you do while browsing the internet. Visit a Facebook page and your keyboard’s lighting may turn blue. Open up Razer’s website and your mouse might flash green.

“This unique integration with Razer Chroma adds another dimension to browsing altogether,” Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner said. “Razer Chroma respects a user’s play style and unique expression of individuality and that’s a natural fit for Vivaldi.”

To enable the feature, all you need is the latest version of Vivaldi (2.5 or later) and head into the Settings menu. There you’ll see a section called Themes. You’ll be given a number of options, including Enable Chroma. Make sure that box is ticked and your Chroma devices plugged in and the next time you go on a lengthy browsing session, your peripheral backlighting should line up with the colors you’re experiencing on various websites.

Other new additions in Vivaldi 2.5 include the ability to resize the quick-access “Speed Dials” on the homepage screen; easier management of tabs including stacking, closing, and reloading in groups, and the ability to connect and control Internet of Things devices like Philips Hue lighting from within the Vivaldi browser.

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